About Us


Spray and Pray Guns & Ammo is family owned and operated by Shird Moore II and his wife Crystal Moore. Spray and Pray Guns & Ammo is an indoor gun range, gun shop, and ammunition manufacturing company. 

With over 23 years of experience in manufacturing ammunition Shird decided to put his hobby into a full fledged business in October 2011. Currently he manufactures over 50 different center fire calibers.

After the ammunition business took off, they decided to sell firearms. It just made sense to sell firearms with the ammunition they manufactured. Once they established a reliable and knowledgeable gun shop, the opportunity opened to buy an indoor gun range. In November of 2016, they made the purchase. It just seemed fitting to purchase the very gun range Shird grew up in. 

Spray and Pray Guns & Ammo is located in Sebring, Florida where Shird and Crystal were raised and now raise their own family after Shird served in the Army as an infantryman.