Lead Down Range is a 25 yard 8 lane climate controlled indoor gun range. 

 Range rates are: 

$15.00 ~ per person with no time limit. 

$12.00 ~ First Responder, Law Enforcement, Military/Veterans  

$12.00 ~ 55 years and older​

We have firearm rentals for the range

 We have over 100 rental guns! We have rifles, shotguns, semi-auto pistols, revolvers and machine guns.

We have calibers ranging from 22LR to 50AE on handguns. 
Rifles in 7.62x39, 5.56, .308 (5.56 & .308 with our frangible ammo), 300 AAC Blackout and pistol caliber carbine rifles. 

Gun Rental Price

$10.00 for one rental or $20.00 to rent them all (excludes full-auto)

Wednesday is FREE rental's (excludes full-auto)
Full-Auto rental fee is $30.00 (Full-Auto Thursday only $10.00)

With our gun rentals you must purchase our ammo and range fee is separate. 

Below are just a few of the rentals we have.